Monday, 22 July 2013

Details to Know before starting Construction

After finalization of the Floor plan and Elevation in stage 2 and 3 you are aware of the market situation and it’s time to find a contractor. Find out a good contractor who you can trust with your money. See his past work, talk to his customers and get a quotation.  There are 3 types of contract you can work out with your contractor
  1. Lump sum - You release money once various stages are completed.
  2. Labour only - You buy the materials and hire only the labour from the contractor.
  3. Cost - You pay for labour and material accurately. Then you pay additional for the services of the contractor.
Make sure the agreement between you and the contractor is as crystal clear as possible to the minute detail. This will help avoiding cost deviations.
1200 - 1400Rs / sq ft
1500 - 1600 Rs / sq ft
Mid Range
1700Rs - 2000 / sq ft
High End

 High End
Vitrified 70 Rs / Sq ft
Vitrified 100-150 Rs / Sq ft
Granite 250 Rs / Sq ft
Anchor Roma
Anchor Ave
Interior Paint

Exterior Paint


Simple cabinets with Andhra Slabs
Modular kitchen in plywood
Italian Kitchen.
Exterior Look
Box type
Box type Contemporary.
Sloped Roof
Tiled Roof
Granite cladding on exteriors.
Steel fabricated
Honne and sal wood frames or flush doors
Teak wood.
Steel fabricated
Honne and sal wood frames, UPVC sliding
UPVC casement, Teak Wood.

This cost per sq ft doesn’t include.

  1. Drawing and architect plan.
  2. Bribes.
  3. Costs like plan approval.
  4. Road cutting charges.
  5. Temporary electricity connection.
  6. Borewell.
  7. Geysers for bathrooms.
  8. Solar unit.
  9. Sump tank.
  10. Gate.
  11. Compound wall.
  12. Flagging concrete.
  13. Drain stone.
  14. Security grills
  15. Anti termite treatment.
  16. Rain water harvesting unit
  17. Kitchen chimney
  18. Water pump
You need to negotiate to some extend, so here your market survey is going to be handy. Dont reduce the price too much from market rate this will force the contractor to use sub-standard materials. There is always a profit margin which he will make, so keep that in mind, if you eat away his profit margin he will try to balance it out with sub-strandard materials. To know More about house for sale in bangalore
Take quotations from multiple contractors and compare the pros & cons. 90% of the decision is based on trust, but keep a legal agreement in hand as well.
  1. Any other construction work he is doing in parallel? Will he be too occupied with the other construction. Will he share workforce between construction.
  2. How much deviation does he expect considering the prices
  3. How much aware is he about the current market prices
  4. Does he get aggressive when things dont work out. 
  5. How soon will be get the work done.
  6. Does he look at the site and actual plan to provide an accurate estimate?
  7. Does he think at your level? Simple test here is to ask how much would be the basic cost of a sink he will put according to his estimate? Assuming that as baseline assume that the rough estimate he gave will have materials costs in that range. If he is thinking 3K sink and you are thinking of 5K sink then you know that the estimate he has given you is at lower end.

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